Things To Take Note When Engaging A Private Home Tutor

1. Parents should seek children’s personal wishes, if they forcefully engage a tutor regardless of the kids’ learning level and potential, it may bring the kids lots of stress and might not be able to achieve the expected effect.

 2. Before engaging the tutor, parents should have a good conversation with the kids to fully understand them so as to provide detailed information to

 3.There are different kinds of tutors, they are different, normally the undergraduate tutors are closer to the primary and secondary students in ages, there are smaller language gaps between them, so it will earlier for them to communicate.As for the undergraduate tutors, except their personal assignment, their life rhythm is not so packed, they are taking tuition to fulfil their university life and meantime helping others as well, hence, the tuition fee they charge is not so high. Meanwhile, they have also accumulated some productive insights in learning which may have successful experiences of others to go by.

4.Current school teacher or those teachers who have experience teaching at school are familiar with curriculum and examination requirements. They know examination proposition, they can help students to improve their grades, they are especially suitable for the graduating students.   

5. Tutors should focus on 2 or 3 subjects to guide the students based on their learning needs and personal requirement.It is not advisable to teach them all subjects without giving them enough time to rest and absorb the knowledge. Otherwise, it will not so effective.

6. Parents should make a rational choice according to the child’s actual learning needs when it turns to choose a tutor for them.