How To Evaluate The Tuition Effect?

Maybe different parents have different kinds of standards about this, but most of them may do so according to the kids’ progress.

We have recorded some parents’ feedback: “Tuition not only pass on the knowledge to my kids , but also teach them a good learning method.” “My child ‘s grades are moving forward after the tutor’s help.” “My child has made tremendous improvement.”

 A responsible tutor should help the tutee to improve academics grades, he/she should firstly find out why the student are not doing well in the subjects, then guide the student accordingly. Meantime ,it’s necessary for the tutors to prepare the lessons , as they must understand the curriculum very well and know the difference between the traditional text books and the current ones

 A qualified tutor will not only focus on the student’s academics grades ,  but also need to guide the students improve their personality and overall qualities. Nowadays, children will not only need to do well in academics , but also need to build up their courage and confidence to better prepare themselves in the future challenge. And the tutors have already gone through many years’ educational career , they have accumulated some precious experience , so they can help the students with it. Thus, the parents have to evaluate the tutors correctly before they decide to invest on the tuition , and they will not anyhow fire a good tutor due to the kids’ non-improvement for some time.