Benefit Of Having Private Home Tuition

It is understood that it will be beneficial to provide our children with 1 to 1 home tuition if parents can afford the tuition fee.There are some points of view for your reference.

1. It can make up the missing lessons. Currently, the students’ school workload is heavy, they have to learn a lot of new knowledge, hence they may have something which they have not absorbed yet, the more it accumulates, the worse it will be, however, home tuition may help in this way.

2. 1 to 1 Home tuition can make pointed references. In a big class, teachers have to give lessons based on a majority of the students‘ level, it could not give mature consideration to all. Hence, the low ability students may feel stressful and could not keep up, they may even lose interest. In contrary, home tutor understands the tutee well, when giving tuition face to face, they may give tutee more time to think, and it makes pointed reference. When studying in this relaxing environment, it will be more effective for the students.

3. It will make the low ability students increase their interest and confidence. The tutee will be feeling relaxed and has no anxiety when conducting lesson based on one on one teaching, and the experienced tutor will even be humours in using the effective language to bring up the tutee’s confidence.

 4. It will correct the undesirable learning habit for the students and make them master the right learning method. For the low ability students, except the IQ, they may have formed into undesirable learning habit for a long time, however, their parents may not be able to find out the disadvantage of it as they are not professional in education. But the tutors are professional, they will be able to find out the problems and correct the tutee while tutoring them, and make them make up the missing knowledge and meantime help them to master the right learning method.

5.Tutee can learn the successful studying experience. As most of the tutors are successful in the subject they are teaching, so the tutee can learn from them in how to learn the subject well.